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Wash Down

As is my habit, I tend to use the hose a lot in the summer. I prefer to wash things down, rather than sweeping or using the always offensive electric blower. This method of washing things off, and down the drain, has brought me years of meditational bliss. Me alone with my super-powered firemens hose nozzle attached to my no-kink 100 foot hose, I am the erradicator, the cleaner, the washer. And much as time heals all wounds, I and my water spewing hose heal what ails my yard, decks and garden, washing away what had come to bother me during my long week.

Sometimes I make myself a margarita (see earlier posting for my recipe) and slip into a zen-like stance on one level of my many decked parcel. Occassionally I remove the nozzle and go free-lance with the stream of water, liberally spreading this wet gift to the grateful plants below. Other times I try and corral leaves that have accumulated around certain berms in the garden. But most of the time I just spray and think, about today, tomorrow, and how I am going to get that damn twig in the corner of the concrete landing.

My methodology is not without it’s detractors. Those who say I am wasting water, Marin’s most valuable resource. In my defense I have to say that we as a family do a lot to conserve this precious resource during our daily lives.  Having lived through the great Northern California drought of my childhood taught me many long lived lessons on how and when to use water. There is nothing quite like taking a bath out of a bucket, because your mother informed you that college would be out of her reach if her water bills got any higher. To these detractors I say, buzz off, I’m addicted.

Today it will reach 105 degrees at my hillside home, a perfect time for some watery leaf wranglin’.

Happy trails, stay cool.Posted on August 24, 2010

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