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Reflections on the last Days of Gradeschool

You were small then, so small, that first day of kindergarten.Leaving my hand, uncrying, to enter this new world.You wore the clothes we liked then, you listened to our music.Oddly, the crying was done on our side that day.

Every year after brought new challenges, surprises.

First grade, discovery of likes and dislikes of others, true friendships began.In Second, you were the big kid, a real "grader", you belonged. Your small, kind, male teacher,grand.In third, home work became real, not a rumor. Cool teacher who laughed, and enjoyed the teaching.Fourth. New teacher to the school, a real old-school teacher, your eyes opened. Not everything is always perfect.

Now the last year of this trip. You no longer let our clothes choices win. Our music is not yours. You sometimes walk alone,we worry about you more. You are still, but not always, that sweet uncrying child from kindergarten. 

Your days within these walls, transforming. The changes in front of us challenging, scary, exciting.

With love we see a conclusion ahead, with trepidation we accept this.

You are more than a "grader" now, so much more.

Posted on February 10, 2012

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