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Discard the stigmas and doctrine imposed on your life by outside forces.

It took me nearly fifty years to finally cast off the darkness of expectations of others, and start living my passions. I don't know if it is just the age, or the associated experiences garnered over those five decades of life, but at some point I decided to stop living by the rules, guidelines and doctrine of misdirected influencers in my life.

50 years of age was the moment that I realized my creativity gave other people joy, and I really, truly enjoyed doing what I do, and that is taking pictures of people and how they lived, naturally, and beautifully.

My advice to all of those people out there pushing down their creative natures:

Put yourself out there, jump out of your comfort zone, experiment, TRY new things, and shut out the haters.

Pursue your passion, live YOUR life, love yourself, and pass that love on to others.

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